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Groupthink and it’s impact on Business, Sustainability and Decisions

Groupthink is the concept of having many people go along in agreement with a decision essentially because, either someone of authority has spoken and others are afraid to contradict their idea, or because in the silence of a discussion, each individual believes that others agree with the “apparent” consensus and don’t want to stir the pot. One other cause of groupthink is that everyone in the room has the same frame of reference for the discussion. In other words, they actually do think alike and make a decision in agreement, even though that decision may be uninformed.

The consequences on a larger scale may be what we experience as a society. We all begin to think alike because no one has challenged our assumptions. Environmentally, this has led to things like Climate Change because we jointly assumed that it was OK to keep going in the direction that we were going. Thankfully, mother nature eventually speak ups and shares her opinions through the impacts that we start seeing on the health of the earth. So the image of our earlier consensus is now, at least, being challenged and other voices are starting to be heard.

Establishing a Consultative Environment that Leads to Better Decisions » Continue reading “Groupthink and it’s impact on Business, Sustainability and Decisions”

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US Cash for Clunker program

When I heard about the existance of the Cash for Clunker program, it seemed like a reasonable approach to start stimulating the economy and to get some potential benefits for the environment. After hearing a few of the details, I thought perhaps there is room for improvement. Mr. Obama suggested that if there’s a better idea, then use it no matter what the source. So here are a few ideas to improve the program, for what their worth. » Continue reading “US Cash for Clunker program”

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