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Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Index Initiative

According to a report by Environmental Leader, Wal-Mart will be announcing a new sustainability index initiative for rating the sustainability of products that it sells. The initiative will include other retailers, researchers, universities and suppliers and possibly go so far to look at entire life-cycle of the products with the goal to reducing or eliminating non-sustainable products. Also according to the report, while they plan to start the initiative, they also plan to hand it off to a group yet to be formed to ensure neutrality in reporting and rating. » Continue reading “Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Index Initiative”

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Impact of the economic crisis on renewable energy and other environmental issues.

A question was asked in April on one of the leadership forums about the impacts of the economic crisis on Renewable Energy suppliers and other environmental concerns. At that point, most answers were speculative. Now we have a little more insight and these are my answers to the questions that were posted: 

  1. How will this crisis affect the renewable energy industry?
  2. Will the possibility of creating green jobs surpass the additional cost that a customer would be able to afford to have clean energy?
  3. Should environmental consciousness prevail?
  4. Would governments change their commitments by reducing incentives to renewable energy in a moment that tax payer money has more important uses?
  5. How would a renewable energy company adapt to this market of lower capital and possibly much lower revenues? » Continue reading “Impact of the economic crisis on renewable energy and other environmental issues.”

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