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Sustainability is a Cooperative Endeavor

Sustainability is a cooperative endeavor. None of us can fully achieve it until all of us achieve it together.

A Harvard study Global Warming’s Six Americas looked at Americans to gauge their attitudes toward climate change. The study determined that 18% of the US population are alarmed about Climate Change issue, 33% were Concerned, 19% Cautious, 12% Disengaged, 11% Doubtful and 7% Dismissive, which means that they actively oppose work towards elimination of GHG (Green House Gas), viewing it as wasted money and effort. In the words of Kofi Annan, “Climate change is a silent human crisis, yet it is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time.” Looking at the figures alone, we might feel somewhat discouraged about the possibility of achieving universal sustainability. But, there are also other ways of looking at sustainability which might make us more optimistic.

Encouraging a cooperative view of Sustainability

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Susan McLennan, Sustainability, Social Justice and a PR Specialist’s Perspective

When I first met Susan McLennan, she was one of three speakers at a Life Entrepreneurship forum. As soon as I heard Susan speak, I knew that she was someone I wanted to learn more about.

The speakers before and after Susan told of their life stories, how they came upon some incredible personal hardships, how they overcame their hardships, what they learned, how they had subsequently built successful businesses and how they could help us in doing the same. They were terrific speakers and I truly enjoyed them.

But Susan took a very different approach. She started her presentation with just a sentence or two about her own background, quickly brushed past that part of the presentation, and went on to the story of her work as a PR specialist with her company Babble On Communications. » Continue reading “Susan McLennan, Sustainability, Social Justice and a PR Specialist’s Perspective”

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The Power of Local Initiatives, Green T

For many in our society, the Green shift is still something that we recognize only through TV programs by David Suzuki or presentations by Al Gore in his program “An Inconvenient Truth”. Of course, most of us are also beginning to see many of the practical sides of being Green. After all, if we can change a light bulb and get the same light with a compact florescent, get the same heat with high efficiency furnace or the same distance with a hybrid car, save money and the planet at the same time, why not?

Although there is definitely a movement is in place to change the way the world works, most people don’t take a very serious plunge into environmental action unless there are financial rewards for doing so which, at very least, match the effort required to make that change. » Continue reading “The Power of Local Initiatives, Green T”

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Electric Infrastructure by BetterPlace

Better place ( has a better idea.

Shai Agassi, CEO of Better place, rather than trying to convince us that it’s  the right thing to do from an environmental perspective, wants to convince us that it’s a much better thing to do from a commercial perspective.

Going to Electric cars and electric infrastructure, using his plan, will revolutionize the way we think about travel, cost of cars and the price we pay to get where we need to go. And at the same time, we will use clean sustainable energy, clean quite electric cars, and we don’t have to wait 20 years.

Aggasi has been invited by a number of Governments to start working on his infrastructure immediately. » Continue reading “Electric Infrastructure by BetterPlace”

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