A New Tagline for my Blog: The world according to Garth

This blog is an evolution in thought. Originally, my goal was to use the blog for sharing expertise that might lead to business. it was called OrganizationalUnity.com, at the time and my primary focus in writing was to look at ways to change how businesses operate and how they might gain operational efficiencies by improving the way they work, particularly from a human perspective. Having had a lot of business and coaching experience, I knew that businesses experienced a lot of internal turmoil and that competition between leaders of different divisions could be destructive and I was aware of this phenomenon also existing within the public sector. I was convinced that there was a better way and decided to write some articles on how organizations might change their cultures and I put together some program and coaching material to help bring about changes.

Over time, I was becoming more and more aware of the severity of the climate situation and the issues and opportunities related to creating more sustainable businesses which might also contribute to environmental sustainability. At that point the name of the blog changed to SustainabilityCulture.com. I wrote articles about how businesses might benefit from taking more sustainable approaches. But I didn’t just do it off the cuff, I studied, took courses, read about the issues, interviewed people who were deeply involved in creating awareness of the need for sustainability and wrote articles about them as well.

As I wrote, I discovered some of the many challenges to creating a sustainable world and while focusing on business messages, started drifting more towards political, economic and cultural nuances that slow our collective progress towards a more sustainable world. So my articles changed yet again, although I felt the focus was still more business oriented than anything else. As I traveled in different continents, I began to become more aware of the social challenges faced by their people. My travels included Uganda, where I spent 6 months as part of an internship for my MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding, Chile, Vietnam, India, Kuwait, Bahrain and Curacao. My focus continued to shift. Not that I am any less aware of the environmental issues, but rather that creating a sustainable world requires much broader and deeper thinking than focusing on the environment alone. It was during this period that I began to write on other topics, many of which have very little to do with business or the environment, other than the fact that businesses have the financial power to influence political and economic outcomes. So for example, when I look at issues related to peace, it cannot be done without contemplating the relationship of political decisions to the economy, small arms and the military industrial complex. Peace is also impacted by employment, salaries and automation, which are all impacted by business decisions. The continuing growth in the fields of technology, additive manufacturing, communications, nanotech and artificial intelligence among others also contribute a great deal to our future outlook.

After much contemplation, I decided that at very least I could create a better tag-line. I recognize that most of what I am saying is generally relevant and reasonably well researched. But it also contains opinion that is designed to encourage contemplation of different view points. I generally endeavor to see situations from more than one view point but I’m also not afraid to put a different spin on any situation that is current in the world based on my experience and study.

I therefore changed the tag-line to “The world according to Garth”. You may recognize the play on “The world according to Garp” a 1982 movie about T.S. Garp who was an aspiring writer. While I have not shared the experiences of the movie character, I suppose one might say that I’m an aspiring writer. One other thought came to mind as I was coming up with the tagline which brought me back to my high school days. It turns out that I was quite good in math. I didn’t study much, I offered proofs to theorems that my teachers weren’t always expecting and in trigonometry, we learned about the proofs for determining angles, SSS (Side Side Side) SAS (Side Angle Side) etc. One day a friend of mine offered an answer to the teachers question. The teacher asked what theorem he was using to prove his answer, which was correct by the way. He said “GSS”. The teacher said GSS? What’s that? He said “Garth Said So!” We all had a good laugh and, believe me, I have never considered myself as an absolute authority on any subject. Doing so, in my own way of thinking, precludes too many opportunities for learning from other views. Having said that, many people have expressed value in reading my articles and so I offer them in this spirit of service. “The world according to Garth” is still about creating a more sustainable world, but this new tag line frees me of my self-imposed constraints of writing that is focused on business alone. It’s not just about the climate, business, economics, human nature or politics either. It is the presentation of my current views on the interplay of dynamics related to these various aspects of life, views which I hope will change as I continue to learn from others and from the world around me.



By the way, I would love to open up the comment line to hear your thoughts but I experienced far too much spam on the web-site. To share your thoughts, comments or questions, e-mail me (garth.schmalenberg@gmail.com). I will always endeavor to answer.

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