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After some consideration, although the theme of organizational unity is important, it doesn’t cover enough of what I want to share. So I’ve revised the theme of the blog a little and I’ll be sharing ideas with you on building sustainable organizations for a sustainable world.

Much of my work recently has been focused on gaining a clearer understanding of the many efforts that are being made around the world and more particularly in Canada on helping businesses succeed in doing what’s right for the world while ensuring that they still serve all of their stakeholders.

As I go forward, I will continue to research and as I do, I’ll share that kind of information with you. My goal in doing this work is to help organizations, first develop a desire to become more forward thinking if they are not already, and second to help them think about how they might go about doing that.

As an Executive Coach, I know there are two aspects of change. One is believing that we would like to, and the second is gaining the expertise and perspective needed to actually change.

My goal is to help my clients, prospective clients and anyone else who might be interested to take steps forward that will help them to get where they want to go.

All the Best,

Garth Schmalenberg

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