Electric Infrastructure by BetterPlace

Better place (http://betterplace.com) has a better idea.

Shai Agassi, CEO of Better place, rather than trying to convince us that it’s  the right thing to do from an environmental perspective, wants to convince us that it’s a much better thing to do from a commercial perspective.

Going to Electric cars and electric infrastructure, using his plan, will revolutionize the way we think about travel, cost of cars and the price we pay to get where we need to go. And at the same time, we will use clean sustainable energy, clean quite electric cars, and we don’t have to wait 20 years.

Aggasi has been invited by a number of Governments to start working on his infrastructure immediately.

Supporters of his approach include the Government of Israel, the Government of Australia and a number of other nations. In Canada, Premier Dalton McGuinty has also endorsed the BetterPlace approach for Ontario, which hopefully means that we will start to begin seeing electric Vehicles roaming our streets within the next few years.

Shai Agassi, has also gained agreement from major Automotive manufacturers to build electric vehicles, presumably with a common swappable battery pack that can be quickly swapped from the car. His claim is  that the swap can be done even more quickly than filling the car with Gas. While I’m not sure of his design proposal, it seems feasible if the car is built with that objective in mind. After all, just think how fast pit crews work on formula 1 cars. Presumably some type of battery hanger, a release clamp, slip one one, and slip a recharged pack right back in. Not sure how well self-serve would work.

Agassi claims that by 2020 we could have the price of energy down to 2 cents per km and immediately at about 6 cents per km. Not bad considering that even at hybrid rates 5L/100km which is about 20km/$.80, at current prices, we are still at about 4 cents per km. And this, as he points out, is during a serious economic downturn. When the economy starts revving again, you can bet our fuel prices will start skyrocketing.

And rather than paying for the expensive battery pack, we just pay for the car and the pack belongs to Better Place. That way we never have to worry about when the pack wears out. It’s built into the cost/km.

If we can get some innovative thinking around other types of fossil fuel consuming industries, we may be able to make even more significant gains.

Automobiles consume approximately 25% of the worlds fossil fuels and contribute accordingly to the CO2 levels and climate change.

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