About the Author

Garth Schmalenberg is a world traveler, consultant, coach, trainer, academic, life long learner, student, former executive, father, husband, son, brother, uncle and reluctant handy-man (not necessarily in that order). He has travelled to at least 8 countries (from Canada to, in order of time spent there, Uganda, Kuwait, Curacao, Chile, Israel, India, Vietnam, the Netherlands, England, Germany). He worked for several years as a coach and consultant, graduated recently with an MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding almost 30 years after graduating with a B.Eng in Engineering Physics. He has been married to the same lovely lady since 1981 and has one wonderful son. He writes academically oriented papers as well as opinion pieces and travel stories. He has worked both in the For Profit (public and private) and Not for Profit (national and international) sectors in executive roles, first as a Managing Director in an IT Consulting firm and then as an Executive Director of an NGO. His parents have been an inspiration for family unity and his siblings, nieces and nephews are all part of his rich life. And the handi-man qualifications? Garth approaches all of his work with a healthy mix of excellence and pragmatism.

His articles look at the past and present with a view to the future as it becomes more technologically, economically, ecologically and politically complex. He writes about many of the challenges faced while going through the various phases of personal, professional and other human relationships, interactions which are first self-oriented, the “What’s in it for me?” syndrome, followed by dependency on those who we build relationships, often accompanied by disappointment and disillusionment, and finally a recognition of our interdependence and the need for us to build our families, cities, countries and our world together.

Interdependence requires developing new attitudes, habits and consciousness. As we evolve personally, as leaders and mentors, in organizations, municipalities, and as nation states, we must find new and better ways to learn, share and work together. Through this blog, Garth shares some of his thoughts on human development and communication and shares ideas on how we can appeal to each other’s sensibilities while recognizing the needs and wants inherent in human existence.